2011 Symposium

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In July 2011 Dominic Montague (Global Health Group, University 
of California 
Francisco (UCSF)) organised the Symposium in Toronto. Keynote and plenary presentations were provided by Tim Evans (James P. Grant School of Public Health) and Julio Frenk (Harvard School of Public Health). Parallels sessions were held on ‘Measuring the Private Sector’, ‘Good, Bad, or Indifferent: Quality of Care in the Private Sector’, ‘Recent Evidence and Policy Implications’, ‘Public Vs. Private’, ‘The Private Sector Role in the Overall Health System’ and ‘The Private Sector Role in Maternal and Child Health Services.’ The Symposium was supported by the SHOPS Project with funding from USAID and the Rockefeller Foundation.



The Symposium was covered on several health-focused blogs: 


The links below will take you to pdf versions of the presentations given at the Symposium. 
0 - Keynotes Julio Frenk The Public-Private Mix and Health System Performance 
0 - Lunch Presentations World Bank and International Finance Corporation Healthy Partnerships: How Governments Can Engage the Private Sector to Improve Health in Africa  
1A - Measuring the Private Sector  Dominic Montagu Health Care Utilization Around the World  
1A - Measuring the Private Sector Karen Grepin What factors explain the trends in the use of the private sector in developing countries? 
1A - Measuring the Private Sector Barbara O'Hanlon Assessment to Action Approach: Using a PSA/PPD to inform and shape private sector policy 
1B - Good, Bad, or Indifferent: Quality of Care in the Private Sector Ilana Ron Unravelling the Quality and Utilization of HIV Counseling and Testing Services Offered by the Private Sector in Zambia 
1B - Good, Bad, or Indifferent: Quality of Care in the Private Sector Nagham Abu Shaqra Improving Quality of Women’s Health and Family Planning Services in Jordan’s Private Health Sector 
1B - Good, Bad, or Indifferent: Quality of Care in the Private Sector Barun Kanjilal Quality of underground health care: A case study of Indian Rural Medical Practitioners  
1B - Good, Bad, or Indifferent: Quality of Care in the Private Sector Tesfai Gabre-Kidan Supportive Supervision and Effective Interim Regulatory Measures for Private Health Sector Services in Ethiopia 
1C - Recent Evidence and Policy Implications Ha Nguyen, Douglas Glandon, and Quyen Bui Private sector service utilization among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) in Vietnam: Exploring the changes between 2005 - 2010  
1C - Recent Evidence and Policy Implications Xiaohui Hou The Emergence of Private For-Profit Medical Facilities and their Roles in Medical Expenditures in China  
1C - Recent Evidence and Policy Implications Shakil Ahmed and Peter Annear The Role of Public and Private Facility-based Delivery Care: The Case of Bangladesh from a Universal Coverage Perspective 
1C - Recent Evidence and Policy Implications Kara Hanson The private sector role in the supply of antimalarial drugs: Evidence from ACT watch and implications for initiatives to improve ACT access 
2A - Public Vs. Private Shita Dewi Ahead of its time? The case of public hospital conversion in Jakarta 
2A - Public Vs. Private Terence Cheng, Catherine Joyce and Tony Scott An empirical analysis of dual medical practice in Australia 
2A - Public Vs. Private Martin Gächter Physician Density in a Two-Tiered Health Care System 
2A - Public Vs. Private Gina Lagomarsino Expanding Health Coverage in the District of Colombia: Washington, DC’s shift from providing to purchasing services, 1999 - 2009 
2B - The Private Sector Role in the Overall Health System Anh Partnerships for Ambulatory Care in the Mekong Region 
2B - The Private Sector Role in the Overall Health System Dominic Montagu, Andrew Anglemyer, Mudita Tiwari, Katie Drasser, George Rutherford, Tara Horvath, Gail Kennedy, Lisa Bero, Nirali Shah and Heather Kinlaw A comparison of health outcomes in public versus private settings in low- and middle-income countries 
2B - The Private Sector Role in the Overall Health System Joanne Yoong Firm-level perspectives on public sector engagement with private healthcare providers: Survey evidence from Ghana and Kenya  
2B - The Private Sector Role in the Overall Health System Rich Feeley Regulation of Private Health Providers Tools for Improvement  
2C - The Private Sector Role in MCH Services Timothy Abuya, Francis Obare, Charlotte Warren, Rebecca Njuki, Benjamin Bellows and Ian Askew Impact of the Reproductive Health Vouchers Program on Out of Pocket Expenditures for Selected Services in Kenya 
2C - The Private Sector Role in MCH Services Amanda Pomeroy Private Delivery Care Across Developing Countries: Trends and Determinants 
2C - The Private Sector Role in MCH Services David Hotchkiss Effect of an expansion in private sector provision of contraceptive supplies on horizontal inequity in modern contraceptive use: evidence from Africa and Asia 
2C - The Private Sector Role in MCH Services Ben Bellows Managing healthcare facilities in a reproductive health voucher program: Findings from a cross sectional assessment in Uganda 
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