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Shaping the future of health markets: Reflections from Bellagio

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07 March 2013 18:00-19:30 IST
(07.30-09.00 EST/12.30-14.00 GMT)

“Engaging with health markets is going to be critical for governments in the future, especially given the recent UN resolution,” notes Sara Bennett, referring to a UN resolution urging countries to work towards affordable Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Many country governments will need to purchase services from both public and private providers to achieve UHC.

At the same time governments need to guard against arrangements that enable powerful stakeholders to consolidate their position in a health system that provides ineffective services at an unnecessarily high cost. Policy-makers, entrepreneurs, academics and funders convened in Bellagio, Italy, in December 2012 to explore this tension. The result was the Bellagio Statement on the Future of Health Markets (http://bit.ly/XFrN4X).

To broaden the conversation, participants in the Bellagio meeting are holding a roundtable webinar. The webinar will be chaired by Dr Sara Bennett from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, who convened the session in Bellagio. Discussants include: Kelechi Ohiri, Senior Special Adviser to the Honourable Minister of State for Health in Nigeria; Kwasi Boahene, Director Advocacy & Program Development at the Health Insurance Fund; and Sikder Zakir, Founder of the Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd. (TRCL); Guy Stallworthy, Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; & Dr Allan Pamba, Director Public Engagement & Access Initiatives at GSK.

Slidecast and presentations

An initial presentation will help set the scene, outlining the background to the meeting as well as highlighting key points from the resultant statement. Following the introduction, the discussants will offer their reactions to and commentary on the Bellagio Statement. The webinar will then shift to a ‘fishbowl’ format, where the speakers and other participants at the meeting will have an open discussion on some of the main topics from Bellagio. The webinar will wrap up with a question and answer session for all.

Presentations are now available for download on Slideshare.